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 Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Brand Marketing

Pick your colours, choose your logo, find a promotional business, settle on your clothing, and have your brand printed. This is the fun part when creating a brand and it is what we love to do. Making your ideas come to life. That being said, your brand preparation is worth your time.
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Important steps when branding your business. First create your brand strategy. This will allow you to find your brand identity. Once you have found your brand identity, it is important that you market your brand to the target audience in a way that supports your business. 

What does any of this actually mean? How can you make an impact?

Brand Strategy:  STAND OUT! Understand the reason(s) as to why your business is different. Are you Likeable? Trustworthy? Memorable? If you do not know, it is important to create bonds with customers and watch relationships build when creating these experiences. Create a love for your customers and they will like you back.

Brand strategy will demonstrate your purpose, promise, and your problem-solving delivery. How do you want the world to view your business?

Brand Identity: DELIVERY! The way you deliver your strategy to the public will increase your recognition potential. Make people perceive your business the way you want it to be known.  Create a message and a visual. This will allow your target audience to create an experience when your brand is seen and spoken about. 

Brand identity must be consistent. Consistent presentation of your brand across all platforms creates potential to earn revenue that your business deserves.  Potential is only limited by belief. Put in a consistent effort to gain confidence in your potential.

Brand Marketing: STRATEGY! The awareness of your business will bring recognition to the services and products available to the customer. Connect value, and as mentioned previously the experience your company creates is effective when a voice is known. Strategize the communication to your audience. When creating a bond between your company and your target audience it is necessary to have a strategy. How do you create a voice that you want the public to hear? What is your method of attack to create an experience for your target audience? To not specifically need your services and (or) products, but to make people want what you have to offer.

It is time to get your brand noticed!
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