Stormtech Commuter Face Mask

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Teamworks Promotions Ltd. we are working hard to keep our community safe.

Get your Stormtech Commuter Mask Today! 

-Adjustable Ear Straps
-Metal Nose Bridge
-Pocket for replacement filters
-Machine Washable
-Non-Medical Use
-Civilian Use Only
-100% Cotton
-Ergonomic Shape for Mouth and Chin
-Lightweight and Breathable
Comes with 2 PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters. Which off protection that is practical - these disposable filers are flat, so they take up less space than standard respirators. Engineered for maximum filtration efficiency, they can be used continuously for 16-24 hours or around one week of occasional use. Please see filters to order replacement filters in packs of 10.

Comfortable, machine washable face mask to decrease the spread of COVID-19.

When physical distancing cannot be maintained, wearing a mask should be highly considered.
It is important to have a mask on you at all times, because many business’ and transportation methods require them to partake in visits and travel.
We have you covered!